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Start your Own Preschool with the most innovative preschool brand- ICON +91-70423 92850, The most innovative preschool ICON is Opening shortly at Tinsukia, Assam, Noida, Faridabad, Janakpuri( Delhi),Guwahati(Assam), Ashok Vihar( Delhi), Vikaspuri ( Delhi), Narnaul( Haryana) Admission Open to our branches at Vasundhara Sector-12, Vaishali Sector-3, Shaktikhand-3, Gyankhand-2, Noida Sector-93, Pratap Vihar Ghaziabad,Vatika Gurgaon, Dehradun, Shalimar Garden (Ghaziabad), Pitampura (Delhi)Admission Open to our branches at Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad, Bopal AhmedabadhjnturDconTrolAlteR

Women Empowerment – Icon International School

“Little girls with dreams become Women vision”
Icon International School is an example of women empowerment. Since decades we talk about women being an important part of the economic development. They are the one capable of maintaining home as well as work. Our government is trying since long in promoting women by different schemes of mandatory girl’s education, free education for girls, and even more involvement of women in the education sector of the country.
Now a days there are many women entrepreneur working to full fill their own dream! When it comes to Women Entrepreneur 80% owns a preschool in India. And this is the most important work that women can do with respect and satisfaction. Icon international School strongly promote women empowerment. The concept behind the women owning a school is very clear. A woman is a mother or sister or wife or a friend. A mother understands kids better always so it’s really good for the small kids to be under motherly protection in the school.

Feature of icon International School powering women:
  •  As the woman is the head of the school she knows how to manage the work properly as she already manages her home.
  •  Most of the staff in the school being women will promote women empowerment.
  •  The mothers of the children studying in the school can communicate well with the teachers.
  •  The non-teaching staff also being women is really good making the whole school female powered environment.
  •  A woman is always more caring then man making into well development for the children.
  •  Even the school timing also suits to the requirements of women for managing at the both home and work front.

Now about the school
  •  Perfect time table for the students to get enough time for self-studies and playing.
  •  Regular tests for better assessment of the child.
  •  Proper discipline maintained to get the best out of the kids.
  •  Enough opportunity given to the students for other activities.
  •  Even periodic medical checkup included for the better health of the students.

Overall we can see that Icon International School is not only iconic for the academics rather it promotes all round development of the student. Majorly it promotes women empowerment making more women entrepreneurs to join the industry and work for the development of the society.

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